Song of the Day: Low Gravityy – Be Kreative

BEKEATIVE delivers his latest single, ‘Low Gravityy’ into today’s hotspot, which showcases conventional melodic tones against the guitar-drenched bass, providing those hellraising moments.

Have a listen below:

Song of the Day: Dirty Diary Session – Be Kreative

BE KREATIVE delivers another heartfelt banger entitled ‘Dirty Diary Session’, available now on all streaming/download site. Check it out below:

EP Review: Insomnia – Be Kreative

NEW LEASE MUSIC regular BE KREATIVE‘s latest EP ‘Insomnia’ predominantly delivers piano-led overtones which works heavenly against the contrasting dense-heavy drive.

Although the above combo provides an instantly likable mainstream vibe, the collection also brings on a flicker of that similar sound of R&B, dreamy boombap and that real gritty lick of urbanised hip-hop, where BE KREATIVE‘s and guest vocalists were consistently confident in delivering a crisp and lucid flow.

‘Insomnia’ makes pleasant listening and is an adequate introduction to Houston rapper. However it would be great for him to really experiment with various genres in order to get ahead of the game. I say this because I KNOW he can do it with ease – and who knows, maybe he has those plans in the pipeline…check him out below…

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