Song of the Day: Some Kind Of Quiet – ANDY ETC.

ANDY ETC.’s debut single, ‘Some Kind Of Quiet’, is a hazy pop ballad with heartfelt lyrics with highly emotive melody. In style of mellow artists such as Joji, James Blake, Sampha and Jeremy Zucker, the song is somewhat a lullaby for his girlfriend who has trouble sleeping.

He further explains of his single: “I think many people can relate to having a hard time finding peace of mind when the lights go out and you are alone with your thoughts. The criterion for success in the song is not necessarily falling asleep, but to just finding some sort of peace in each other’s arms.”

Hailing from Denmark, ANDY ETC. was the frontman for the Danish Sony-signed pop duo De Dødelige, who particularly made a name for themselves on Danish radio. Since then, he has written a string of songs other artists, been No. 1 on the charts in China, Korea and Japan, sold one and a half million physical CD’s in Asia and achieved more than 600 million streams world wide.

Have a listen to ANDY ETC.’s stunning single below…