Listen To Vanessa Mood’s Stunning Single, ‘Work Things Out’

VANESSA MOOD (Vanessa Moodley) is a South African born singer, international award-winning songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. A newcomer to Canada, her music is soulful, passionate and often tells stories of intimacy that leaves one feeling less alone in this world.

Her sincere and heartfelt new song, ‘Work Things Out,’ is about forgiveness—for ourselves and those we love. Faced with a challenging situation, this one felt unique, as previously in other relationships that had reached this point, Vanessa was willing to walk away. But with this one, that was not an option.

Her life kicking off at the tail end of apartheid, Vanessa had no idea that a career in music was something that was available to someone of her skin colour or gender. It was only after completing a degree in music, which started as an escape from the pain of her father’s death, that she realized that she needed music. She hoped for more than her early learnings of jazz and began by exploring her love for pop music.

Have a listen to the stunning ‘Work Things Out’ below…

Watch Classified’s Video for Track, ‘Day Doesn’t Die (Retrospected)’

Hip hop artist, songwriter and producer CLASSIFIED (aka Luke Boyd) shares a look into his life growing up in a small neighbourhood in Enfield, Nova Scotia with his latest acoustic version and video for ‘Day Doesn’t Die (Retrospected)’, the second release from the anticipated RETROSPECTED, his forthcoming hip-hop acoustic album due out later this spring.

With appearances from Classified’s parents, his grandfather’s best friend and mention of his friends and neighbours, ‘Day Doesn’t Die (Retrospected)’ offers viewers an intimate and emotional look at the subdivision where Classified grew up, while at the same time sharing the message that even though time has passed and things have changed, what remains (for life) are the memories and impact the community has had on his life.

About the song, Classified shares, “To me, the DNA for Day Doesn’t Die is about learning how to forgive people. A lesson I’ve learned is that holding grudges for so long isn’t healthy and we do need to let go to grow as individuals. While writing this song I wanted to dig deeply into my emotional side, and I think the chorus really helps get across the hope that I want this song to be for people. I’m not saying that we forget past wrongs, but I think the activity of reflecting and letting go is a much healthier state of being.

Check out the video below…