K-Riz Shares R&B Throwback, ‘What A Shame’

Toronto hip hop artist K-RIZ‘s afterhours single, ‘What A Shame’, documents the depths of accountability and his own part in the dissolution of a past relationship.

“Sometimes I think as men we don’t take enough responsibility for our part in relationships failing,” K-Riz says. “I have made my share of mistakes, and sometimes loving someone is not enough. I’m in a very honest place in my life right now, and this EP is an expression of that.”

‘What a Shame’ forms part of his new  EP, ‘The Room’, released last Friday (18th December). The EP was written by K-Riz while recovering from injuries sustained in a June 2020 car accident. The title signifies the room in which the album was conceived and the mental space and time he was given to reflect and create.

The five-track set includes track, ‘A Place Where Love Is’ which offers up a brightness to the unrelenting events of 2020. Built around jazzy piano loops and whip smart verses, the track features the honeyed notes of Calgary songstress Yolanda Sargeant (of Sargeant X Comrade).

Have a listen to K-Riz’s ‘What A Shame’ below…

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