Listen To Joshua Luke Smith’s Powerful Single, ‘Mosaics’

JOSHUA LUKE SMITH delivers a hopeful mantra for 2021 in new single, ‘Mosaics’. 2020 was a difficult year for many but Joshua Luke Smith encourages us to embrace it all as part of the human experience; the good and the bad, as together they make a beautiful, bigger picture. As he explains:

“This is a song for those we’ve lost and for those who were left behind. I wrote it in the midst of grief, struggling to come to terms with life in the absence of someone who meant so much and filled up so much space. I’ve come to learn our lives are like mosaics, made up of many parts, all as meaningful as each other. Sometimes it’s not until we take a step back seeing the bigger picture, brought together with suffering and joy, loss and nearness, that we can truly see its beauty.”

The uplifting cut features the stunning, soulful tones of Bianca Rose which make the song all the more beautiful.

‘Mosaics’ is now available across all digital platforms and serves as a taster for his album, due for release this Spring. Check out the official music video for the single below…

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