Kinzoogianna Returns with Fifth Single, ‘Saving Grace’

KINZOOGIANNA – AKA Anna Stubbs from groundbreaking Nu Jazz /Broken Beat band Brotherly – presents her Fifth single titled ‘Saving Grace’.

Her latest offering is a spacey synthy ride around Earth contemplating it’s demise, and hoping for a late save, with beautiful multi layered vocals, and Rob Mullarkey (Jacob Collier) and Richard Spaven (Jordan Rakei) on edgy, hyped up bass and drums.

‘Saving Grace’ will form part of Kinzoogianna’s debut album, ‘Gold For The Hungry Souls’ slated for release on 1st August 2022 on Brotherly Music/Kudos Records. Have a listen to the single below…

Chin Injeti is ‘Golden’ with New Single Featuring Thieves Like Us

CHIN INJETI continues to heal and uplift through the power of music with his latest single ‘Golden.’

Co-written with producer/writer Brian West and featuring on going collaborators Thieves Like Us, ‘Golden’ delivers a touching message of self-forgiveness and redemption.

“I’ve come to know so many people that are in deep depression, that have been abused when they were younger, that for some crazy ass reason carry a lot of blame with them,” says the multi-Grammy and Juno Award-winning artist.

More than simply recognizing those who struggle with these heavy burdens, ‘Golden’ is a modern hymn of hopefulness. “This is a message to tell those people that there is a good place, a safe place, a place of peace, a place where they can start over again,” explains Injeti. “There’s no reason to carry this weight because the truth is we never get rid of our demons. We just need to learn to live above them.”

‘Golden’ follows Chin’s self-love anthem, ‘For The Love Of Life’, featuring Vancouver rapper Teon Gibbs. Check out the music video for the latest therapeutic single below

Ana Shine’s New Single, ‘Freedom’ Is The Perfect Escape From Lockdown

As lockdown continues into the new year, ANA SHINE offers some light at the end of the tunnel with first release of the year, appropriately titled, ‘Freedom’.

Oozing a refreshingly light backdrop, serving as the perfect platform for the Ana’s delicately light vocals, ‘Freedom’, carries a story of searching for hope in the darkest situations.

‘Freedom’ follows Ana’s tear-jerking ballad, ‘Goodbye’, which received support from reputable UK community stations including Vibes 107.6FM, North Manchester and BBC Radio London, where she was recently interviewed by Salma El-Wardany about her venture into the music industry after modelling for Gucci, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana for many years.

Available now on download and streaming sites, ‘Freedom’ serves as a taster to Ana’s debut album, coming out next month…for now, have a listen to the single below…

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Listen To Joshua Luke Smith’s Powerful Single, ‘Mosaics’

JOSHUA LUKE SMITH delivers a hopeful mantra for 2021 in new single, ‘Mosaics’. 2020 was a difficult year for many but Joshua Luke Smith encourages us to embrace it all as part of the human experience; the good and the bad, as together they make a beautiful, bigger picture. As he explains:

“This is a song for those we’ve lost and for those who were left behind. I wrote it in the midst of grief, struggling to come to terms with life in the absence of someone who meant so much and filled up so much space. I’ve come to learn our lives are like mosaics, made up of many parts, all as meaningful as each other. Sometimes it’s not until we take a step back seeing the bigger picture, brought together with suffering and joy, loss and nearness, that we can truly see its beauty.”

The uplifting cut features the stunning, soulful tones of Bianca Rose which make the song all the more beautiful.

‘Mosaics’ is now available across all digital platforms and serves as a taster for his album, due for release this Spring. Check out the official music video for the single below…

ThBenj Offers Hope During The COVID-19 Period Through Track, ‘Y’, Out Today

Hot out of the booth, singer, rapper, songwriter and producer THBENJI has dropped his third single for the year ‘Y’, a follow up to his most recent singles, ‘2020’ and ‘Reasöns’ which dropped earlier this year.

‘Y’ is an emotional & uplifting song which he hopes encourages people across the globe to notice and appreciate the simple things in life. With the spread of the COVID-19 virus he hopes the song will will bring some relief to the anxieties that a lot of people are feeling and encourage people to be there for each other.

Speaking of the release ThBenj says: “It is a time for each of us to set up, support each other, be kind and give to those in need”. We all play a part, we all have a responsibility”.

Born in Sardinia, ThBenj built his career performing and working with other industry professionals throughout Australia, Ibiza, The Netherlands, Sardinia and Italy.

After spending the last few years on his home island where he wrote and recorded his 2019 debut album ‘T.H.B.’ – which hit number one on Google Play for Hip Hop in Italy and number one on NEW LEASE MUSIC’s Top Ten Albums of 2019 list – he is back in Melbourne and has set up his studio with a focus on creating and releasing new music.

Check out ‘Y’ below, released today on all major music download and streaming sites.