Chin Injeti is ‘Golden’ with New Single Featuring Thieves Like Us

CHIN INJETI continues to heal and uplift through the power of music with his latest single ‘Golden.’

Co-written with producer/writer Brian West and featuring on going collaborators Thieves Like Us, ‘Golden’ delivers a touching message of self-forgiveness and redemption.

“I’ve come to know so many people that are in deep depression, that have been abused when they were younger, that for some crazy ass reason carry a lot of blame with them,” says the multi-Grammy and Juno Award-winning artist.

More than simply recognizing those who struggle with these heavy burdens, ‘Golden’ is a modern hymn of hopefulness. “This is a message to tell those people that there is a good place, a safe place, a place of peace, a place where they can start over again,” explains Injeti. “There’s no reason to carry this weight because the truth is we never get rid of our demons. We just need to learn to live above them.”

‘Golden’ follows Chin’s self-love anthem, ‘For The Love Of Life’, featuring Vancouver rapper Teon Gibbs. Check out the music video for the latest therapeutic single below

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