itsnatevendahk Drops Track ‘Wedontdoitlikethat’ + Video

ITSNATEVENDAHK‘s latest drop, ‘Wedontdoitlikethat’ features a heavenly neon twist on 80s soul. The single will form part of his upcoming album “Wedontdothatanymore”.

You may have noticed that the title of the song and album are a series of words formed into one – but there’s definitely a method behind itsnatevendahk’s madness. He explains:
“These titles originated from a keyboard tutorial found on YouTube, in which a teacher is explaining how “We don’t do that anymore, we don’t do it like that” referring to a way of playing soul chord progressions in the 80’s. I ended up taking these chords and re-arranging/manipulating them into different forms, eventually to be referenced throughout the album and especially in Wedontdoitlikethat.”

The Manchester-based musician – whose real name is Sam Frost – has been self-releasing music over the past few years. His last album, ‘the :0 tape’ came out in 2018, leaving a sweet kiss on the local music scene. Since then, he has been working on new music and refining his sound, which has been known as ‘Smooth experimental pop with RnB influences’.

Check out the video for ‘Wedontdoitlikethat’ below…

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