Song of the Day: How Did You Get In My Bed – Entity

Natalie Diaz, the brainchild behind ENTITY, has entered onto today’s hot spot with the soft and rather sensual single ‘How Did You Get In My Bed’.

An ode to the familiar feeling of waking up somewhere you wish you hadn’t, the New York native explores the fickle complexities of reuniting with an ex whose emotions are still prevalent. Using punchy synths and commanding percussion, the indie pop track emulates the confusion that she is feeling with ease, with the dreamy melody perfectly aligning with the heartfelt lyrics about her first love and how it was a moment of realisation for her personally. Knowing she has fallen for another woman, this was Natalie’s breakthrough, finding out about her sexual orientation and that she can love both men and women.

Check out the enchanting video for the single below…

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