Kid Apollo Release Debut Single, ‘Let Go Of Things I Said’

Brixton, London based teenage trio KID APOLLO released their captivating debut single ‘Let Go Of Things I Said’ yesterday (7th September).

Consisting of singer and producer Jimmy HM and twin brothers (and producers) Felix and Theo Ratigan, the outfit’s self written and produced offering is a visceral, hushed R&B/pop hybrid, suggesting exciting things to come from the young trio.

Speaking on the release of the new track, singer Jimmy HM said: “‘let go of things I said’ tells the simple story of two people that rely heavily on each other yet refuse to accept it. It explains how the small things that happen between two people are often what breaks a relationship down.”

Commenting further on their goals, the band said: “We’re expressing our experiences within the way we live through our music. We aim to never restrict ourselves to one genre as this wouldn’t reflect the type of artists we are. Whether the songs are talking about relationships or our last function, all we really want when someone first listens to our music is for them to be in their own space and get lost in the songs.”

The band will release their debut EP later this year via Sweat Entertainment. Check out the official video for the emotive single below…

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