Song of the Day: Reintroduction – NTHN

Following his indefinite break from music and social media over the summer, UK cloud rap artist, producer NTHN returns with single, ‘REINTRODUCTION’, an announcement of his continuation with music and a recount of his journey so far as an artist.

Delivered as spoken word over a haunting, hazy instrumental, he describes his experiences through a stream-of-consciousness approach, directly addressing the listener. In this intimate monologue, NTHN references his previous releases and describes why he continues to create after nearly giving up on music, detailing his struggles with mental health and as an independent artist in a highly competitive industry. The accompanying video shows the artist in silhouette in his home studio where he wrote and recorded his previous project, Skylight EP.

NTHN – also a member of independent collective eighteenSAINT, founded with close friends Fletcher, James & Teorstan – followed up ‘REINTRODUCTION’ with ‘Apologies’, a Dark R&B/Cloud Rap crossover, exploring feelings of unnecessary self-blame and the journey to overcome them.

Have a listen to ‘REINTRODUCTION’ below…

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