Song of the Day: Reintroduction – NTHN

Following his indefinite break from music and social media over the summer, UK cloud rap artist, producer NTHN returns with single, ‘REINTRODUCTION’, an announcement of his continuation with music and a recount of his journey so far as an artist.

Delivered as spoken word over a haunting, hazy instrumental, he describes his experiences through a stream-of-consciousness approach, directly addressing the listener. In this intimate monologue, NTHN references his previous releases and describes why he continues to create after nearly giving up on music, detailing his struggles with mental health and as an independent artist in a highly competitive industry. The accompanying video shows the artist in silhouette in his home studio where he wrote and recorded his previous project, Skylight EP.

NTHN – also a member of independent collective eighteenSAINT, founded with close friends Fletcher, James & Teorstan – followed up ‘REINTRODUCTION’ with ‘Apologies’, a Dark R&B/Cloud Rap crossover, exploring feelings of unnecessary self-blame and the journey to overcome them.

Have a listen to ‘REINTRODUCTION’ below…

Album Review: Delta – NTHN

Tackling the issue of male mental health, NTHN presents his latest album titled ‘Delta’. Written, produced and recorded by the Runcorn producer/artist himself, NTHN takes us through various stages of his own rollercoaster journey with mental health…

Barely audible airy soundscapes coupled with loops of daunting voices starts the turmoil journey with ‘Aware’ which leads on to feather light bed of electronica/pop backdrop which is almost overshadowed by a jarring bass through efforts, ‘Denial’ and ‘Falling’.

The sole presence of the woeful piano (in ‘Wasting Time’) replaces the alarming drive, before the album ventures into the realms of bluesy hip-hop/emo rap and grunge/metal (think along the lines of Nirvana). ‘Delta’ concludes with tranquil layers of feathery light electronica through ’03:35′, which reflects NTHN’s road to recovery to self acceptance and love.

It’s great to see such issues  – such as male mental health – becoming less of a social taboo. Although this album is NTHN’s personal journey, it’s also a sign of encouragement for others to break down the wall of shame and loneliness (two most common feelings that are associated with this issue) and reach out for help.

Have a listen to ‘Delta’ below and view the song recommendations below…

Must listens: Wasting Time, Conflicted

OUT TODAY: The Far North Shares Debut Single, ‘This House Is Ours’

Consisting of singer /songwriter/guitarist Lee Wylding and drummer, Andie Packer, THE FAR NORTH shares their first single, ‘This House Is Ours’, out now via Red Lantern Records.

With the fleetingness of the guitar and drums creating a gleeful Americana tone, Lee described the brand new offering as “a joyous celebration of all the little things in life, an appreciation of the ones you love and remember to live in the moment, eschewing material possessions in favour of making memories with those you hold dear and love.”

The Far North are no strangers to the music circuit as Lee was the frontman of UK Americana band, The Fireflys for 12 years, where Andie was the drummer. Based in Runcorn, North West of England, the band has received a firm backing from major music tastemakers such as NME, Music Insider, BBC Manchester, BBC Liverpool and Amazing Radio.

Since the dissolution of The Fireflys in 2019, Lee has been in talks with noted UK producer/songwriter Nigel Stonier (Joan Baez, Robert Plant, Martha Wainwright, Lindisfarne, The Waterboys and Fairpoint Convention). After Demoing 25 songs, the pair began working on The Far North’s debut album, titled ‘Songs For Gentle Souls’, due for release 4th September via Red Lantern Records.

Influenced by the likes of Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, the album – recorded at Manchester’s Airtight Studios – delves into Lee’s rawest emotive songwriting, spanning from personal experiences. ‘Song For Gentle Souls’ features new renditions of Firefly’s singles, including ‘Branches’ and ‘When We Were Young’. Also a Firefly’s song, ‘This House Is Ours’, which originally adopts a rustic folkore feel, leads the album with a feathery light makeover, still retaining the message of appreciation for life and loved ones.

With their impressive track record on the alternative music radar, the embracing warmth of ‘This House Is Ours ’may place The Far North’s new journey in a very promising position.

‘This House Is Ours’ will be available on 24th July on all major download and streaming sites, including Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify

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Interview with: The Fireflys

Runcorn rockers THE FIREFLYS made quite an impression on NEW LEASE MUSIC with their single ‘Sever’ which stole the Song of the Month title in March. Frontman Lee Wylding took time out from his very busy schedule and jumped into the interview hot seat to give us the lowdown on the band’s plans for the year and more…happy reading!

NLM: Hey how you doing? Thanks for taking out the time to do an interview with NEW LEASE MUSIC

TF: Hi Tracey! We’re fine thank you, and it’s our pleasure to be talking to you now. We’re incredibly busy rehearsing and recording our 5th We have 2 new members in Joe Forber and Phil Conway, who are filling out our sound a lot more with their guitars. Our rhythm section is tighter than ever too as Sam Bramhall and Andie Packer have such a great chemistry. Cannot mention our Keyboardist Chris Tann too, he’s there, keeping it all together.

NLM: How was The Fireflys formed?

TF: We formed waaaay back in 2007 initially just to play the songs I was writing to our friends. It’s our ten-year anniversary in May – but that’s not strictly true as I lived in Canada until 2009, so it’s more like 7 years of us being an actual fully –functioning band. The way I looked at it was – indie music wasn’t really saying anything or sounding like how it fundamentally should, I’m a sucker for verse-chorus-verse, not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything, if you’re an indie band then at least try to be one – that’s how we came about.

NLM: What’s the reason behind the band’s name?

LW: I was blown away by the Rob Zombie film “The Devils Rejects” how visceral it was, from the characters to the cinematography, stark sunlights and desert landscapes, everything about the film just kind of clicked with me, as I’m such a huge horror movie fan, I thought it fitting that I’d name our band after it. What does make me laugh is most people have said at one point or another that we’ve spelt the word wrong, but that’s how it was spelt in The Devils rejects and in turn “Duck Soup” by the Marx brothers who are name checked in the film. Also the thought of these cute little bugs seems nice – but in reality we’re named after a gang of psychopaths!

NLM: Your single ‘Sever’ (from the album ‘The Illumination of Everything’) went down a treat on NEW LEASE MUSIC. What’s the public’s reception on the track?

LW: That’s easily one of my favourite songs, and I’m very proud that you featured it. I think our fanbase like that song but we have maybe only played it live once, I need to put a bit more effort into getting back into our live set.

NLM: What’s your favourite track from the album and why?

LW: Well ‘Branches’ was the song that lifted us a few rungs up the ladder popularity wise, I think with Old Trafford Stadium, the Homeless Ashes movie, MUTV, That’s Manchester TV, Bay TV Liverpool, BBC Manchester, BBC Liverpool and literally hundreds of college radio stations playing it, we went from “Almost totally unknown” to “Cult Indie band” in the space of 6 months, so I’ll go with that song as my fave, in terms of what it’s done for us.

NLM: How would you describe your sound to potential fans?

LW: A lot of people say that you can hear many of our influences but we sound like none of them in our music, from City & Colour to Stereophonics to Gin Blossoms & Counting Crows, it’s a real melting pot of Americana & Indie music. I’d like to say we sound like R.E.M but I’m afraid they’re too legendary to be even considered in the same sentence as our band.

NLM: If you were to collaborate with just ONE chart-topping artist of today, who would it be and why?

LW: Great question! And I have a very quick answer because the charts and the top 40 are absolutely full of the same staid pop formula with all the fingerprints wiped away, if you’re a 14-year-old really getting into guitar music right now, the only hope you have is to rifle through your older brothers or dad LP’s. Search out Neil Young’s Harvest and The Beatles White Album and link them up all the way through The Smiths to Pearl Jam & Oasis, the charts now represents none of this I’m afraid, so my answer would be no-one! Guess that wasn’t such a quick answer after all. 🙂

NLM: So what other plans you have for 2017? Any upcoming gigs or album?

LW: Well we’ve just signed a record deal with the fabulous folks at Strawberry Moon Records, and they’ll be releasing our next single “Grace” in the coming months. We play Bowlers arena Manchester on April 14th and return to the brindley theatre in the Autumn. Basically we will be doing as many shows as we can, and trying to record our fifth. Very busy times.

NLM: How can potential fans reach you?

LW: Twitter mostly which is @thefireflys and facebook –

NLM: Finally, if music didn’t exist, what would you do?

LW: Wow imagine if music didn’t exist! That would be horrible, no point living! When I was younger I was a cracking left back when I played football, so I think I would have really put the effort in to become a footballer for my beloved team –Manchester United!



Song of the Day: Sever – The Fireflys


After a prominently heavy hip-hop week here on NEW LEASE MUSIC, I decided to take it down a couple of notches and inject some soothing rock through this track entitled ‘Sever’ by THE FIREFLYS. The four-a-half minute piece of heaven is taken from their latest album, ‘The Illumination of Everything’ released last April.

Take time out and have a listen.