Song of the Day: Repose – Ray Alex (ft. Jayda David)

RAY ALEX‘s first single of the year, which features West London poet Jayda David, goes on a powerful journey of growth and departure from pain, touching on the importance of rest, recovery and time. ‘Repose’ is a multi-seasonal R&B number inspired by Q-Tip and contemporary jazz musicians Alfa Mist and Joe-Armon Jones, merging hip-hop with a psychedelic synth slickness and live drum feel.

‘Repose’ unveils how we invariably grow stronger with rest, recovery and restored self-belief after a painful episode in our life. Jayda David exposes themes of identity, appearance and health with powerful, raw lyrics that leave no space for ego or insincerity. Her lyrics: “I kneel to the weaknesses in me, strength has never felt so good, I guess power is birthed in moments of fragility” magnify one’s self-awareness and flaws in order to shed old skin and come back stronger. This universal theme is referenced again by Jayda David with “this soul knows where it’s going, steady growing, I just flow through time“. It serves as a reminder that we should not let others exercise control or influence over us; we should stick to our instinctive driving force and our individuality, feeling free in our own bodies. The lyric “light for hands I deem worthy, heavy for dark souls who yearn to hurt me” is a powerful encapsulation of this.

Prior to their studio session, Ray Alex felt drawn to Jayda David’s honest, poetic portraits of identity and mental health in the performances that she had showcased on her social media. Ray had finished the instrumental for ‘Repose’ six months prior to their studio session and held off as the lead vocalist, as he felt the music would lend itself better to another artist with a different story to tell.

Ray Alex’s previous EP ‘Good To Me’ released in March 2022 received frequent airplay on Soho Radio and Amazing Radio, to name a few, in a list with Little Simz, Children Of Zeus and more. Remixes of his song ‘Erased’ received airplay on KISS and other stations worldwide. Ray Alex has a string of singles scheduled for release in 2023…so look out for that…but for now, listen to ‘Repose’ below…


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