Sakyi Comes Through With Debut EP, ‘Four’

After becoming semi-finalists in Britain’s Got Talent in 2015, SAKYI has kept the title as of one of UK’s promising R&B group. Their debut single, ‘Bad As You’, featured on SBTV, went on to garnered over 40K, firmly placing them in the view of UK’s biggest music tastemakers, such as BBC 1xta’s DJ Ace and Sian Anderson.

More recently, Sakyi launched a weekly live session called Sakyi Sundays, where the guys interact with fans and showcase their silky smooth harmonies. The session has gained a huge following within a short space of time, generating over 500k followers in just six months.

Now the four-piece act, consisting of brothers Reece Aaron, Carl and Eden, keeps the hype going by making blazing return with debut EP ‘Four’, out now across various music platforms.

‘Four’ EP marks a new chapter for the group as they make their debut as producers. The six-track set alternates between chilled R&B, inspired from the from nineties and noughties, and some exuberant presence of Afro flavours.

Prior to the release of the EP, Sakyi performed two tracks from the EP (‘Run My Way’ and ‘Save Me’) at Ghana Party in the Park in July to over 4,000 people and was met with a raving reponse. Their lead single, ’24 hours’ was featured on Sian Anderson’s Online Finds on BBC 1xtra.

Now with their EP is gaining ground, it’s very safe to assume that Sakyi can only go from strength to strength, making them the ones to watch for 2022. Have a listen to ‘Four’ EP below…

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Album Interview: Transition – Cheryll

I was first introduced to CHERYLL through her smooth nostalgic number, ‘Fess Up’ and since then, I had my eyes firmly peeled on her next move. So when she dropped her debut EP Transition, I had to catch up with the South London singer-songwriter about the six track project. Trust me, this newcomer is FIREY and I thoroughly enjoyed the Q&A session with her and I hope you will too. Check her out below…

NLM Hey, thank you for taking part in an interview with NEW LEASE MUSIC. How is 2021 treating you so far?

C: 2021 has been a year of change and transitioning into a better version of me. I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs however I feel as if I’ve come out of it stronger than ever.

NLM: You released your EP, ‘Transition’ back in March. What is the public perception on the project so far?

C: My project was received extremely well. Its been played on BBC Radio as well as reaching a number of local radio stations that play it regularly. It has also introduced my sound to a lot of new supporters who now listen/follow me because of the project.

NLM: How would you describe the EP’s sound to potential fans?

C: It’s a new school version of RNB with the nostalgic elements of the 90/00’s – timeless!

NLM: What inspired you to produce the EP?

C: I’ve always known I wanted to release an EP however I was waiting on the right time. I felt like the last year I really transitioned into the artist I’ve always wanted to be and I wanted this project to be a memory of that. I had a few songs written already however when I linked up with D’wante Navire (producer) he really brought these songs to life. I had also gone through some ups and downs in my love life and wanted to express this through the EP.

NLM: What is/are your favourite single(s) from the EP and why?

C: My favourite singles on the EP I would have to say are Crushin’, Fess Up & What About Us. They all have that ‘bounce’ that I love even though they are all different tempos lol! I just find myself really vibing to those three

NLM: What message would you like the listeners to take away from your EP?

C: That R&B is still alive and kicking!

NLM: If you had to feature one mainstream artist on the EP, who would it be and why?

C: I’ve always wanted to work with Stormzy – I feel like having him on a feature would just be a perfect combination. His flow x My flow would just make so much sense.

NLM: Do you have other project(s) for 2021?

C: I have a couple of releases before the end of the year which are quite exciting. I won’t give away too much but yes its definitely something to look forward to.

NLM: How can potential fans find you?

C: Twitter/Instagram – @ohsocheryll
Youtube – Oh so Cheryll
Facebook – Cheryll

NLM: Finally, any special shout outs to those involved in the production of ‘Transition’?

C: D’wante Navire – for the production of the EP. He mixed and mastered every single song and dealt with my craziness on top of that! Hes a real one!

Also Tory and Jollof who have been involved in all the videos for my EP – they are a great team!

Transition is now out