Album Interview: Transition – Cheryll

I was first introduced to CHERYLL through her smooth nostalgic number, ‘Fess Up’ and since then, I had my eyes firmly peeled on her next move. So when she dropped her debut EP Transition, I had to catch up with the South London singer-songwriter about the six track project. Trust me, this newcomer is FIREY and I thoroughly enjoyed the Q&A session with her and I hope you will too. Check her out below…

NLM Hey, thank you for taking part in an interview with NEW LEASE MUSIC. How is 2021 treating you so far?

C: 2021 has been a year of change and transitioning into a better version of me. I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs however I feel as if I’ve come out of it stronger than ever.

NLM: You released your EP, ‘Transition’ back in March. What is the public perception on the project so far?

C: My project was received extremely well. Its been played on BBC Radio as well as reaching a number of local radio stations that play it regularly. It has also introduced my sound to a lot of new supporters who now listen/follow me because of the project.

NLM: How would you describe the EP’s sound to potential fans?

C: It’s a new school version of RNB with the nostalgic elements of the 90/00’s – timeless!

NLM: What inspired you to produce the EP?

C: I’ve always known I wanted to release an EP however I was waiting on the right time. I felt like the last year I really transitioned into the artist I’ve always wanted to be and I wanted this project to be a memory of that. I had a few songs written already however when I linked up with D’wante Navire (producer) he really brought these songs to life. I had also gone through some ups and downs in my love life and wanted to express this through the EP.

NLM: What is/are your favourite single(s) from the EP and why?

C: My favourite singles on the EP I would have to say are Crushin’, Fess Up & What About Us. They all have that ‘bounce’ that I love even though they are all different tempos lol! I just find myself really vibing to those three

NLM: What message would you like the listeners to take away from your EP?

C: That R&B is still alive and kicking!

NLM: If you had to feature one mainstream artist on the EP, who would it be and why?

C: I’ve always wanted to work with Stormzy – I feel like having him on a feature would just be a perfect combination. His flow x My flow would just make so much sense.

NLM: Do you have other project(s) for 2021?

C: I have a couple of releases before the end of the year which are quite exciting. I won’t give away too much but yes its definitely something to look forward to.

NLM: How can potential fans find you?

C: Twitter/Instagram – @ohsocheryll
Youtube – Oh so Cheryll
Facebook – Cheryll

NLM: Finally, any special shout outs to those involved in the production of ‘Transition’?

C: D’wante Navire – for the production of the EP. He mixed and mastered every single song and dealt with my craziness on top of that! Hes a real one!

Also Tory and Jollof who have been involved in all the videos for my EP – they are a great team!

Transition is now out

EP Review: Rhyme Slingers -Redd Tune Productions

If you’re regular passer by on the blog, the name REDD TUNES must ring a bell as he has been featured countless of times with EPs that takes you back to the golden hip-hop/boom-bap era.

As always, Redd Tunes pulls a stellar line up for his releases and his project, ‘Rhyme Slingers’ is no exception, as the guest artists gives some extra swag to the irresistibly melodic productions which, at times, takes on a old school soulful favour and modern psychedelic sound. New recruit, Isis Aset, gives off a blazing vibrancy against the woeful violins, creating an almost classical sound in second effort, ‘Crisis’. Old staple Cubian Pete, offers up his unapologetically Londoner flow in ‘Blurrr’.

As well as producing the project, the man himself teamed up with fellow veteran emcee and long-time collaborator TJ Chill for track ‘Pioneers,’ a smooth hip-hop/boom bap piece accompanied by sporadic runs of the piano keys which serves as the perfect platform for both taking turns to showcase their ballsy delivery.

Although this neat set of just seven tracks holds a very similar golden urban sound, Redd Tunes’ Rhyme Slinger, to me, also bursts with a fresh and boisterous sound that begs attention. Check it out below…

Must Listens: Crisis, Blurrr, Pioneers, Anagram of Goldz

EP Review: Take It Or Leave It – Kiana Corley

KIANA CORLEY‘s latest heartfelt EP, ‘Take it or Leave it,’ tells a story of reflecting on new love, break ups, lost love, and self reflection; a kind of reflection that can only be gained when you take a step back from that relationship. Kiana delivers the aforementioned themes in a wholesome soulful voice – a cross-between Sade and Corinne Bailey Rae – where she’s not backwards in coming forward in telling the truth.

Sonically, the five-track set goes on a journey through many different musical styles – from upbeat ukulele- infused pop to funk. Highly motivated by helping and inspiring others, through her authentically original music, Kiana hopes this EP will help with the healing process of anyone who had to go through a hard breakup.

So if you’ve just come out of a messy relationship, it’s time to start the healing process; have a listen to Kiana’s soothing EP below…

Must Listens: Lukewarm, Tell Me, Black Canvas


NEAK‘s latest project, ‘KWESBAAR RMXS’ maybe a mini set of just five tracks, but it burst with influences, with his spin on hip-hop from the golden era (circa late 80’s), which is often met with rhythmic loops of 70s-style soulful vocals. Third effort ‘The Gift (Mashup)’, brings a little something different to the project as it taps into the boombap vibe working in unison with bluesy jazz tones for that tinging sensation.

‘KWESBAAR RMXS’ is a spin off from Neak’s critically acclaimed/self-produced full-length album, ‘KWESBAAR’ as it entails four new interpretations/remixes from that set plus new track, ‘Nothing To Lose, Inner City Blues’. Released year ago, ‘KWESBAAR’ accumulated over 30,000 streams with the first few weeks of its release. Neak’s lucid delivery gives a hard-hitting account of the trials and retributions of being an African-American male in America which, personally, feel (at times) that Kanye West is taking a shot on the collection.

‘KWESBAAR RMXS’ carries on the same theme of his everyday struggles that’s definitely worth a listen…check it out below…

Must Listens: The Gift (Mashup), My Life

New Lease Music’s Top Ten Albums of 2018









2. Heads in the Clouds – Noep

1. My Fairytale – Dovile Lee