Song of the Day: 444 – Ghalia

GHALIA can immediately draw in a crowd with her single, ‘444’ thanks to its intimate soulful punch packed with incredible vocals and harmonies.

Set in the often dark, lonely, and quiet time of day at 4:44AM, the track follows a melodious conversation between Ghalia and vocalist Rehana who plays the role of the ‘angel.’ Calling out to this figure through dreamy vocal layers and lyrical pleas, Ghalia asks for the angel’s presence and guidance to help her through sleepless nights, give her signs to keep persevering, and above all, provide reassurance that she should keep her faith in the ‘angel.’

With an undeniably ethereal sonic quality, Ghalia flawlessly delivers emotional lyrics that tell the story of the give and take in relationships, the importance of mutual faith and trust, and the risk we all take when we open ourselves up to someone. Following Ghalia and Rehana’s captivating conversation with one another, the track builds to a sharp and emotionally electrifying guitar solo, which perfectly contrasts against the mellow and soothing quality of the rest of the song. Describing ‘444’ as her “most vulnerable song yet,” Ghalia combines her seasoned storytelling skills and relatable lyrics with catchy and dynamic R&B production to perfectly encapsulate the complicated relationship between herself and the angel.

Following her signature formula for creating new music by starting with a beat and simple melody, ‘444’ initially started out as a solo project, but quickly became a duet and collaboration with Toronto-based vocalist Rehana when the two connected via social media during the pandemic lockdowns. The two talented artists then came up with the idea to turn the one-sided track into a dichotomous conversation between the pair in which they both express their desire to be needed and desired by one another. Although the two have never met in person, after sending various melodies, verses, and mixes back and forth, ‘444’ has truly become a collaborative sonic forum where Ghalia and Rehana have bared their deepest insecurities and emotions with one another.

Inspired by a diverse group of talent that ranges from The Weeknd to Kehlani to Justin Bieber, Ghalia has used their work as a launching pad for her own – weaving melancholy lyrics with invigorating R&B style beats to craft her own unique sound.

Ghalia’s ability to capture the attention of listeners with specially-selected beats, complex drops and arrangements have set her apart from the rest. Her new single ‘444’ will be sure to delight her current and future fans, alike. Check it out below…


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