Album Review: 2 Menace Drinking Juice Rolling Dice in Flatbush – Dice Cannon

So glad to see DICE CANNON (pictured right on the album’s cover art) bounce right back into the game after (what seems) years of lying low.

His comeback comes in the form of a 12-track set, ‘2 Menace Drinking Juice and Rolling Dice in Flatbush’, enlisting fellow spitters including Juice Cannon and Natty Boi Zoe, whose spoken word collection, ‘My Body, My Soul Vol.1’, was featured on the blog back in April and stole the blog’s Album of the Month title last month.

Taking us back to the golden hip-hop era (similar to KRS-One and Public Enemy No.1) through introductory track ‘Drinking Juice Rolling Dice’, the album goes on a journey of different variations of the genre, incorporating a real nice lick of old school R&B/soul, a modern spin on 70s soul/funk and a rather emotive piano-led/boom bap piece (through Bishop Vs Raheem).

When a rapper like DICE CANNON disappears from the scene for a while and returns with a confident swagger, well you know that he cooked up something beyond good.

Check him out below:

Must Listens: Drinking Juice Rolling Dice, Bishop Vs Raheem, Sin Til I Win, Concrete Jungle

Song of the Day: Funk With Me – Omega B

Omega Today’s song is Funk With Me by Alabama-born singer/songwriter/emcee OMEGA B. This track is coming from her second album Soldier of Love, released earlier this year.

At the age of seven, she made her stage debut as lead guitarist with  Blues Camp Kid and went on to travel across the southern state with the blues group as lead vocalist as well as lead guitarist. Despite her impressive early career, her greatest moment was sharing the stage with B.B. KING.

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists: KRS-ONE, SADE,  ERYKAH BADU, TRIBE CALLED QUEST, QUEEN LATIFAH , BOB MARLEY, and OUKAST, the female emcee continue to grow as a guitar player and singer. There’s on end to this girl’s talents – she’s also  a poet, activist, producer, disc jockey, and a painter. Man, where does she find the time to make this video! Take a listen to the seriously funky. Funk With Me.