Rainfredrick’s New Single ‘Alessa’ Is A Fusion of Two Languages

As RAINFREDRICK continues to tease out tracks from his upcoming album, the rapper, singer/songwriter, and entrepreneur is holding over his global fanbase with a smooth new Spanglish song, ‘Alessa.’ Monalisa Stephens based in Lagos, Nigeria features on the track and debuts her dulcet tones with a fresh vibe.

Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Rainfredrick has a talent for seamlessly weaving English and Spanish lyrics together. Perhaps it comes from his cultural background; raised on Afrobeats in Nigeria, Rainfredrick left Africa at an early age to study and see the world. He picked up new music influences while visiting over 20 Latin American countries and learning fluent Spanish in less than two years. His music falls between two worlds that are different. The sounds of his youth have found a way into the music he makes — an intoxicating blend of hip-hop, R&B, and Latin Pop.

Rainfredrick burst onto the music scene in March of 2020 with his debut track, ‘Put Me On The Map’. The follow up leading singles, ‘Sydney,’ and ‘Portia’ also defined his Spanglish sound. Rainfredrick’s music brings an endless passion for lyricism, cultures, and life…have a listen to ‘Alessa’ below…

Song of the Day: The Deep End – Opãru

Following the success of debut single, ‘Remember Me’ – named Song of Week by NEW LEASE MUSIC last December – OPÃRU returns with another stunning single, ‘The Deep End.’

The Deep End’ is a love song to her beloved and admires the strengths and the flaws in a relationship, but most importantly it focuses on the depth of what most humans attempt to obtain in their lifetime. This release sees the singer-songwriter and actress whose real name is Dianna St. Hilaire – exchange the classical music element, from her previous single, for a guitar drench/pop affair.

The video for ‘The Deep End’ encompasses the beautiful aspects of nature, blending them with an urban landscape. Featuring stunning time-lapsed visuals of nature at it’s finest, the hustle and bustle of a city at night and a brilliant night of dancing lights, the video highlights the importance of finding compassion for living things and being mindful of your inner animal.

In late 2015, St. Hilaire reinvented  herself as OPÃRU, deriving from the Japanese name of the birthstone opal. OPÃRU‘s roots stem from experimental electronic, 80s synth pop, and alternative rock.

Watch the video for ‘The Deep End’.

Star Song: Beautiful Sunrise – Nizell

Nizell who is he

Today’s song is Beautiful Sunrise by Canadian rapper NIZELL. This track is coming from his EP, Who Is He? released last year (by Built2Last Entertainment.)

NIZELL’s music journey stretched back to 2002, where he performed under the name TDOT. He released an album on an independent label which sold over 5,000 copies. NIZELL went on to work with a string of artists and producers in Canada and the US and has performed in Acapulco, Mexico, Calgary, London and Ontario. In 2006, he released his mixtape, TDot’s Finest Pt.1 followed by TDot’s Finest Pt.2 in the summer of 2011.

NIZELL re-established his sound with the release of 2012 mixtape, Like I Never Left (Built2Last Entertainment), which received raving reviews across the net. This guy kept on rolling as just a few months after the release of Like I Never Left, NIZELL dropped his latest EP, Who Is He? This ten-track production displays lyrics of personal experience, struggle and pain coupled with some seriously dope beats.

Take time out and listen to Beautiful Sunrise. If this is your first time listening to NIZELL, I bet it won’t be the last! More of his tracks are available on iTunes.