New Lease Music’s Top Ten Music Videos of 2019

NEW LEASE MUSIC kicks off the new year with the top ten music videos of 2019! Based on both readers viewing and editor picks, a few of the videos featured were first shown on the blog in the previous year (2018) and managed to held on for a well-deserved place on this list.

Go ahead and check out the videos below! Make sure you tune in for the top ten albums of 2019 coming tomorrow….

10. Not What I Thought – Amaal

9. Rapid Fire – Santi

8. Remember Me – Raylo

7. Brown Liquor –  Ron Beatty (ft. Wade Soul)

6.  I Just Wanna – Gentry kozia

5. Not Perfect – Gena Perala

4. 2:22 – Dani Darling

3. I Will Never Know – Gena Perala

2 . Can’t Get Through To You – Nemi

1. Letter Back – K. Koke