Mr. Williamz & Top Cat Are ‘Rocking Style’ With Brand New Reggae Joint

Bringing on the UK heat, British Reggae legend, MR WILLIAMZ  has linked up with TOP CAT for sizzling joint ‘Rocking Style’.

With his roots stemmed in West London, home of the world-famous Notting Hill Carnival, Mr Williamz is known by fans the globe over as an original sound system toaster, and whilst the world is unable to descend on his doorstep to soak in and celebrate the British Caribbean community and Black British Culture this year, he ensures that the vibes are still being delivered with the new release.

The second single from his forthcoming album ‘Soundkilla Mindset’ that is due for release in September, ‘Rocking Style’ unites Mr Williamz with award-winning, chart topping Mancunion MC, Top Cat. Excelling in their artistry individually, the duo bring their experience together, packed with versatility and charisma for the contemporary joint.

Introducing ‘Soundkilla Mindset’ with the release of previous single ‘Lyrics Collection’, the two singles set the tone of the album. Packed with vibrancy, ebullience and varying tempos, the records home in on the lyrical dexterity, narration capability and even hint at the socio-political topics that can be expected of the 10-track album that holds Mr Williamz at its very heart, and has been executively produced by Specialist Moss.

‘Sounkilla Mindset’ will be the 3rd album from Mr Williamz and is a paramount release from the former BBC UK Artist of the year. Teasing us with hand drawn album artwork, an exclusive collection of hand-written lyrics and visuals that show a clear new direction for the reggae sensation, the album introduces a much more personal side to Mr Williamz inviting the listener in to his passion of drawing and art alongside his narrative as a lyrical specialist.

So time to get a taste of ‘Sounkilla Mindset’ below…

Song of the Day: Blurr – Ivytide

Montreal indie act IVYTIDE‘s single, ‘Blurr,’ encapsulates the feeling of losing touch, reflecting the distance between two people that comes from a disparity in perceptions, emotions, and perspectives.

The production on ‘Blurr’ embodies the feeling of distance, with elements of dreamy lo-fi R&B and washed out qualities, paired with lyrics describing the struggle of self-identification.

‘Blurr’ is the first single from their  EP, ‘Pardon Our Distance’. Check out the video below…

Electro Duo Humans Drops Dancefloor Number, ‘Beggin’

Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq – aka HUMANS – have recently dropped their brand new track, ‘Beggin’, an upbeat, danceable electro-pop track with a groove-driven bassline and catchy hooks.

Since their 2018 appearance on the blog with video for track, ‘Sip It’, the Canadian indie-electronic duo have been focusing on performance and production styles of both the past and present, and have consistently impressed audiophiles with their technical and compositional skills. Their latest LP ‘Going Late’, released late 2019, features Grammy-winning producer Carlos De La Garza on album track ‘Still About You’ as well as So Loki for vocals on the track ‘RUN’.

Check out the video for ‘Beggin’ below…

Song of the Day: Overtime – House Marked X

Australian hip-hop project HOUSE MARKED X has made their entry onto the blog with debut track, ‘Overtime.

The track introduces the act’s vision of hip-hop-Noir – a heavy driven trap sound -which is influenced by the current landscape of dark melodic hip-hop, akin to the likes of Travis Scott and Future. To add extra spice, House Marked X fused their heavy trap trademark with Electronic music and R&B.

“Nothing hurts more than introducing a girl to a place and you break up but she keeps going to that place so now you have to find a new place that’s basically what ‘Overtime’ is about.” – House Marked X

Currently based in Melbourne, House Marked X, looks to take advantage of the city’s already bustling hip-hop scene…so expect more music from this collective. Have a listen to their buzzing joint below…