Apacalda Shares Hypnotic Single, SSR

Melancholic, dreamy, enigmatic and hauntingly beautiful, Montreal’s APACALDA (also known as Cassandra Angheluta) is creating her own immersive world with a refreshed approach to indie, electronic pop which meets dream wave sounds.

Her brand new single, ‘SSR,’ is a nostalgic and acoustic inflected pop song which uses playfulness to communicate a sadness at its core. Cassandra wrote this song due to finding herself in an intimate relationship devoid of any profundity, which she was misled into.

The song’s music video portrays contrasts of emotion through the playfulness of the bright coloured field versus the spiraling darkness of the dungeon-like space. These images serve to depict the back and forth of wanting to believe something is what it is not, choosing to ignore reality to hold on to an idea that is better suited to our desires.

Check out the video for ‘SSR’ below…

Song of the Day: Heat Of The Moon – Eliza

British R&B/soul musician ELIZA‘s single ‘Heat Of The Moon,’ details the immersive experience of being deeply enveloped in the throes of the emotional sensations that come when one falls in love again.

Underpinning the song’s palpably earnest spirit is its bewitching and bass-heavy production handled by Finlay ‘Phairo’ Robson. Sonically traversing neo-soul, indie and Hip-Hop sounds while recalling the likes of Aaliyah, Nirvana and The Roots.

The new single marks a continuation of the second phase in ELIZA’s (formerly known as Eliza Doolittle) musical re-invention. After being disillusioned with narrow and isolating boxes levied onto her during her days as a mainstream pop artist, she took some time out of the spotlight and re-emerged in 2017 as ELIZA. Signaling a prioritizing of authentic artistry and musicianship over commerce and numbers.

Her first outing under the moniker was the revelatory and critically acclaimed ‘A Real Romantic’ which featured stirring cuts such as ‘Alone & Unafraid, ‘All Night’ and ‘Wide Eyed Fool’ in addition to ‘Wasn’t Looking’ which spawned a well-received rendition on COLORS that to date has amassed an excess of 25 million views on YouTube.

‘Heat of the Moon’ is now out across various music platforms…have a peep at the official music video below…

Song of the Day: Black Boy Joy – Keith Robinson (ft. E.D.I. Mean)

In celebration on Black History Month, back in February, singer/actor KEITH ROBINSON kicked off the historic month celebrating what it is to have “that” Black Boy Joy with his powerful co-written single,’Black Boy Joy’,

This is my ode of encouragement to every black and brown king with dreams and aspirations and reminding them that they can reach and achieve every dream possible,” mentions Keith. “I want us to continue to be uplifted by one another,”.

Check out the official video for ‘Black Boy Joy’ below…

NEAVV Unveils Her Stunning Debut, ‘Want You’

Canadian alternative synth-pop artist, songwriter and producer NEAVV‘s debut single, ‘Want You’, is an emotional and honest song based on the end of her relationship with someone who wasn’t being completely honest at the time. ‘Want You’ is a snapshot of what she was feeling at the time and although she knew she deserved better, NEAVV was still struggling with wanting and missing that person.

Speaking on the emotive piece NEAVV says: “Loss can be pretty complex when it comes to the emotions you feel, but at the core of it all for me is sadness. I just hope listeners find a place to sit in whatever emotions come up for them and know that any loss is hard – and it’s ok to not be ok.”

Want You is the first single off NEAVV’s forthcoming album. Have a listen below…

Song of the Day: Glitchy Girl – DJ Super Will

DJ Super Will hails from the Midwest and has established his name in the music industry via performances and live sets at various clubs, underground raves, and other similar types of venues dating back to the early 2010s.

One of his 2021 tracks, Glitchy Gal, is an EDM gem that resonates pure energy with every note and melody. Released via Trashed Panda Music, it takes audiences in the spectacular soundscape, creating undeniable danceability to the track. Featuring unbridled energy and grooves from beginning to end, it only excites the listeners as to what this DJ will come up with next.

DJ Super Will recently announced the release of a new EP this summer, “Smile Bomb.” All set to bring his distinct approach, the new EP is primed to become a game-changer in the EDM scene. In the meantime, make sure to check out “Glitchy Gal” to have a taste of what’s to come.


Have a listen below…