Fly Von Drops Track, Red-Eye Interlude (ft. BlixxxMel)

When I hit the play button on FLY VON‘s latest joint, ‘Red-Eye Interlude’, featuring BlixxxMel, I was pleasantly taken back.

Known for his braggadocious beats, the DMV rapper slams down some sweet, melodic chants, which is lit up by his by peppery flow.

Why not check it out before you go…

Song of the Day: Jaws – Spell Jordan & SLVG

SPELL JORDAN and SLVG aren’t new to the phonk scene, both bringing in millions of streams alone on phonk songs such as ‘Models’ and ‘GASOLINE’.

Last month, the pair connected for the release of ‘The Crow’, the first song from the two’s upcoming EP, ‘Movie Night’. ‘The Crow’ has been a successful first single, bringing in over 4,000 streams on Spotify in only 13 days.

Now, Spell Jordan and SLVG dropped the second single from Movie Night, Jaws. As the title of the EP suggests, each song is a reference to a movie title, this referencing the 1975 Steven Spielberg’s film.

Check Spell Jordan x SLVG single below…

KruJay Drops Track, ‘Recipe’ + Video

Maryland’s rapper, content creator, and social influencer, KRUJAY, bounces onto the blog with his latest single, ‘Recipe,’ which actually has some cheeky swagger that can lift the root off any summer party.

The infectious joint comes with an accompanying video, directed by Bruce Wood & Carl Casseus, which perfectly reflects the song’s narrative of being all goggled-eyed over a girl at a new place of work. So infatuated with his potential beau, Krujay was unable to concentrate on his work which doesn’t go down well with his boss…

Counting hip-hop heavyweights such as Eminem, Notorious BIG, The Roots, and Mos Def as heavy influences, the Canadian-born artist spent most of his childhood in Philadelphia, where he joined the infamous Philadelphia Boy’s Choir alongside his brother. During his time in the choir, Krujay had the opportunity to travel to Rome, Italy, to sing for Pope John Paul II. As his interest in music grew stronger, Krujay left the choir and took a leap of faith into the local music scene, releasing his first music video, ‘Like This’ in 2012. It was then followed by his official debut mixtape, ‘PrePAIRED’ and the single ‘Tonight (I Know),’ both met with critical acclaim.

Today, Krujay continues to work on his craft, bringing catchy tunes and lyrics through his latest single, ‘Recipe’. Check out the video below…

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Song of the Day: Could It Be – UpSinceYesterday

R &B/hip-hop sensation, UPSINCEYESTERDAY makes his bold debut on the blog, stealing today’s top spot with single ‘Could It Be’.

Melodious and captivating, Upsinceyesterday embraces his hip hop roots, incorporating his artistic influences such as Drake and Kanye West, throughout the track. With harmonies aim to allure the prospective listener, Upsinceyesterday asks throughout the track, ‘Could It Be’ that he could find a ‘passionate relationship in this hectic world’?.

Since his 2017 debut ‘Up Since Yesterday’, Upsinceyesterday has gathered a collection of fresh and passionately artistic tracks to ‘capture people’s ears’. Evidently, listeners have loved his previous work, as his first single ‘Straight Up Out The Jungle’, has received over 8,000 streams on Spotify. Making music he enjoys listening to, Upsinceyesterday has no plans to slow down, as he prepares to release a further three tracks by summer, ‘focusing on the formulas and execution’ of his music.

Check him out below in an epic official video…

Hip-Hop Tag Team Griff & Scorcese Drop Track, ‘DetLef’, Featuring Eddie Kaine

Hip-hop duo, D.C’s emcee SCORCESE and Chicago based producer GRIFF, unveiled their brand new joint titled ‘Detlef’, which features a grimy guest verse from Brooklyn’s Eddie Kaine.

Speaking on the track, Scorcese says: “Griff’s beat here reminded me of a Brooklyn cypher and being a fan of Eddie’s Nezzie Star project, I knew he would be perfect partner on this one.”

‘Detlef’ gives a taste of the forthcoming Griff/Scorcese album, ‘Midnight Express’ which further exemplifies their equal inspiration from boom-bap and professional wrestling.

Speaking on the significance of the album title, Scorcese explains: “The Midnight Express was this infamous heel (bad-guys), wrestling tag-team group in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s most famous incarnation was with wrestler Stan Lane, manager Jim Cornette and every territory they would wrestle in they would bring out a new partner to tag-in. I said to Griff, what if we brought out a new emcee to tag-in on every track? That’s how this album came about.”

Scorcese and Griff were previously featured on the blog with 2019 album, ‘The Dream Team: A Stokely Hathaway Joint’, which claimed the blog’s Song of the Week title three times.

The ‘Midnight Express’ album will be out later this month, 24th September. Have a listen to their hot joint below…