Chin InJeti Gets ‘Serious’ With Brand New Single

Born in India, CHIN INJETI is the middle child to a father who was a classical vocalist and a mother who was a surgical nurse. Surviving polio from birth, he started music therapy to help facilitate his motor skills at the age of eight – and this changed his life.

After many years of touring all over North America with The Fugees, The Roots, Jamiroquoi and A Tribe Called Quest,  Chin learned the importance of an impactful lyric and melody. He then teamed up with then partner DJ Khalil; with whom he made music with and for Dr. Dre, Eminem, Drake, Pink, and many other artists.

Releaed last Friday (31st February), Chin’s new single, ‘Serious’ was inspired by ’80s funk and boogie music with a modern disco twist. Check it out below…

New Track! No.1 – Felix De Luca

He couldn’t wait til the summer’s done, so he dropped another one!

Following the release of his EP A.r.t, Copenhagen slick hip-hopper FELIX DE LUCA has hooked up with fellow native producer Dontaxaboutit for a vintage hip-hop/A Tribe Called Quest-esque slammer, No.1.

So true hip-hop heads, if you haven’t of this little treasure (tucked away in the Danish capital), I think it’s high time you check out his effortless flow that takes you back to the 90s golden era…you should know what to do by now, hit that play button like NOW!

Review: ST33LO – Ikonic


1. Change (intro)
2. Get The Picture Feat. Cteck
3. Speak Ya Mind
4. 40’s Feat. WordPlay Smitty
5. Charm City
6. Kill Your Radio

Hip-hop upriser IKONIC released his mixtape ST33LO last month. The 6-track production features a vintage raw hip-hop sound, which is quite reminiscent of A TRIBE CALLED QUEST and MOS DEF. The out-of-this-world beats are coupled with thought-provoking, hard-hitting lyrics. Such lyrics are prominent in tracks Intro Change and Get The Picture (feat. Cteck).

The standout tracks of the album has got to be Speak Ya Mind and Kill Your Radio, as you get to witness this guy’s move-to-the-beat raps which perfectly washes over that chilled out, old-school hip-hop drive. A must witness!

If you’re a REAL hip hop head, your next step is to have a blast at ST33LO. If you’re a great lover of A TRIBE CALLED QUEST and MOS DEF, the chances are you will love every single track of this mixtape. Check it out here.