Listen To ElectraQueens’ Compelling Single, ‘I’d Rather Be Alone.’

ELECTRAQUEEN‘s latest single, ‘I’d Rather Be Alone’ is a contemporary mantra for self-discovery; the perfect song to begin or end the day. Singing the lines, alongside the ElectraQueens’ vocals, compels you to take an introspective look upon yourself.

Searing with vocal intensity, ‘I’d Rather Be Alone’ defines the realities of discovering independence – to truly find yourself, spend valuable time with yourself in order to find ultimate peace.

The ElectraQueens use their powerful vocals to create some soulful harmonies throughout the song. Their musical chemistry is ethereal. Collectively, the vocal pairings of each individual, delivers ‘I’d Rather Be Alone’ to a whole new level. The song puts forth the effort to evolve as a person, and to find your own independence. Alongside their stellar, heartfelt vocals, the background track and the content of the lyrics themselves is sure to stick out to any music fan.

In 2022 and 2023, the girl group will be releasing all new music produced by legendary producer Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo and more collaborators. Have a listen to the breath-taking ballad below…

Shihori Unveils R&B-Tinged Ballad, ‘Harmonizer’

SHIHORI‘s new track ‘Harmonizer’, is a nostalgia-tinged R&B pop ballad, with the LA-based singer-songwriter showcasing her dreamy vocals, reminiscing on her true love and the magical connection they shared together.

Shihori explains, “In 2020, I began a journey to rediscover myself after I lost confidence, releasing several tracks that explored topics of self-compassion and self-acceptance. Being in love is like creating art, and when people love one another, they create something beautiful together that previously didn’t exist: like carving a unique sculpture out of solid rock. ‘Harmonizer’ is a celebration of the unlimited joy and creativity that results from these relationships.”

Born in Japan, Shihori has achieved phenomenal success in her home country as a singer and songwriter. With 12 Gold Disc Certified hits and multiple top fives in the official Japanese hit chart, Shihori’s career encompasses music written and performed for stage, film, television, anime and video games.

Following her move to the United States, Shihori has received a number of accolades, including wins at the Rome Music Video Awards, Auber International Film Festival and Euro Music Video Song Awards. Shihori also composed and performed the theme song to the video game League of Legends (‘Battle Queens 2020’), which has received 1.2 million views on YouTube and over 2.2 million streams on Spotify to date.

‘Harmonizer’ follows the 2021 release of Shihori’s debut album, Mutation, which explored her journey of personal change and transcendence in the next evolution of herself. Have a listen to the dream-like beauty below…

Song of the Day: One More Night – Tony Luke Jr.

Tony Luke Jr. beautifully expresses his grief in ‘One More Night.’ This beautifully crafted heartfelt piano ballad is inspired by his late son’s death, after a grueling battle with addiction in 2017. The song is composed of delicate piano chords joined with Tony’s rich, emotive voice to create a track that will touch any heart who has experienced loss.

Following his lost, Tony Luke Jr started The Sound Mind Network, with multi-Grammy award winner Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo, where he will be donating all of the proceeds of ‘One More Night’ to the organization. The Sound Mind Network has grown immensely over the last few years with support from The Bacon Brothers (Kevin and Michael Bacon), Cyndi Lauper, Kathy Sledge, Wyclef Jean, G. Love and Special Sauce, Taj Mahal, ElectraQueens, Cory Singer, Bailey James, Sophie B. Hawkins, and Tony Luke Jr. himself.

The music video shows the pain and emotion behind Tony Luke Jr.’s raw lyrics. The setting’s sparsity of Tony standing with a microphone, no instrument in hand, immersed in the music brings attention to the message. The true focus is on the emotional story, adding an even more personal touch to an already personal song.

The instrumentals do not overpower him. We get close-ups of the different instruments used in the song, which make them more noticeable in the background of the track. This allows you to sink into the song more and really let it wash over you. Such a powerful song needs only a simple video to accompany it, and Tony did just that.

Have a listen to the touching ballad below…

Song of the Day: Hysteria – Karine Hannah

The Queen of Pop cover songs, KARINE HANNAH puts her spin on Def Leppard’s hit, ‘Hysteria’.

Karine’s cover of Def Leppard’s title track from their 1987 album ‘Hysteria’, is classic and ethereal. The instrumentals give us an out-of-world experience with a mix of floating sub-bass, a higher-pitched repetitive piano riff, and reverberative piano chords. This hypnotic feeling complements the lyrics making it true “magical mysteria”.

Karine Hannah has managed to find much success in the pop music realm. She has received many accolades throughout her music career. At the age of sixteen, her performance on a Canadian television show caught the eye of none other than Celine Dion. The world-renowned diva then went on to ask Karine to perform at her wedding.

So you’re definitely in good company here…have a listen to Karine stunning single below…

Raphael Tate Gives A Touching Tribute To His Mother With Stunning Single, ‘Lord I Need You Near’

Following on from the release of single, ‘Share My Life’, produced by Jermaine Forde (the son of Brinsley Forde from the legendary reggae group Aswad), RAPHAEL TATE makes a quick return with single, ‘Lord I Need You Near.’

Dedicated to Raphael’s mother, Patricia Ann Tate (1953-2020), ‘Lord I Need You Near’ is the first single that Raphael entirely composed and produced – from arranging the strings to performing the backing vocals. To be a conductor and composer has always been Raphael’s lifelong dream – and what better way to fulfil a dream by paying a tribute to a loved-one.

The stunning ballad features a stellar line-up who adds the final touches to the production. Award-winning jazz harpist JeffMajors, who collaborated with Raphael for 2021 single, ‘Everything Must Change’, provides the spine-tingling magic right from the beginning of the emotive piece.

Acclaimed bassist Mark A Walker adds a pleasing full-bodied tone to the heavenly arrangements. Mark has worked with the likes of Will Downing, Queen of Contemporary Gospel Music, Yolanda Adams and multi award-winning Gospel artist, Richard Smallwood who had a hit with single, ‘Total Praise.’

‘Lord I Need You Near’ was further brought to life by Ukraine’s Kaska Records Orchestra who provides breathtakingly stunning live instrumentation, a perfect platform for the UK-based singer/songwriter to showcase his powerhouse vocals, pleading for comfort from the loss of his mother. This single also serves as a soothing ode for everyone who lost a loved one, particularly during the pandemic.

Starting out as a Billboard chart-topping artist, peaking at number 25 on the American Dance Club with 2017 single, ‘ With Every Beat Of My Heart’, Raphael ventured out as an independent artist, creating his own label, Tate Love Production. His soulful vocal performance quickly earned him the title, ‘Prince Of Soul’ by his ever growing fanbase through tracks, ‘A Fool In Love’ and ‘Everyday Is Mother’s Day’, ‘Can You Feel It’ and ‘Blessed’, named Track of the Week by Premiere Gospel.

BBC London/Seani B-approved single ‘A Fool In Love’ and Reprezent FM featured single ‘Everyday Is Mother’s Day’ are also touching tributes to his late mother. ‘I Need You Near’ is the perfect tribute carry on the treasured memories of the biggest role model in his life.

Taking from the forthcoming EP Patricia Ann Tate Creations (release date to be announced) ‘Lord I Need You Near’ was released on Friday (13th May) on various music platforms. The release date marks the second anniversary of Raphael’s mother passing. Have a peep at the offcial video single below. You can also stream ‘Lord I Need You Near’ here.

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