Song of the Day: Rin-Pun – Riku

I really admire Japanese singer/songwriter RIKU – whose name means insanity and unite – for using his quirky sound (which may appear fun on the surface) to deliver hard-hitting issues that exist in today’s society and gets the listener thinking about how these issues may potentially affect one’s mental wellbeing. In his latest single, ‘Rin-Pun,’ he challenges the listener to go on a journey to question the perception of beauty.

Among the raging guitar riffs (which is so soul-satisfying) paired with bitter-sweet vocals, ‘Rin Pun’ tells a story of a lady who feels she does not live up to society’s perfection of beauty and will do whatever it takes to squash any insecurities she may experience.

Vulnerable yet beautifully raw, which mirrors the sad reality many women face today, ‘Rin Pun’ is now available across various music platforms. Have a listen to the thought-provoking piece below…