Song Of The Day: Fighting A War – Julian Rose (ft. Caroline Romano)

LA-based artist Julian Rose JUILAN ROSE and alt-pop powerhouse Caroline Romano team up for latest collaborative single, ‘Fighting A War’. Alternating between Julian’s R&B-tinged vocals and Caroline’s breezy voice, the single grapples with the push-and-pull of modern romance. It’s a reflective and lushly textured track that highlights the best of Caroline and Julian’s different musical universes.

Caroline says of the single: “Julian and I sat down to write this Summer while I was in LA. He came up with the chorus in the first fifteen minutes and, from there, we both found ourselves in two different parts of the same story. We wrote what each of us wanted to separately, and the final product is what you hear when we put everything together for the first time. I think it’s a universally relatable song. The clinging to something that once was, the loneliness of walking around a newly desolate relationship. It’s the war that we all fight at some point. I like that we both wrote different stories that ended up being part of the same one. It feels like a metaphor for something.”

A songwriter, rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Julian Rose seamlessly blends elements of classic rock, soul, funk, hip-hop and pop, which defies genre boundaries. He made his debut in 2022 with the release of ‘How Deep,’ a 3-track EP produced by Bret “Epic” Mazur (Crazy Town, Black Eyed Peas, New Edition).

At just 21-years-old, Nashville-based singer and songwriter Caroline Romano has already accrued millions of streams across her repertoire. Her songs showcase her witty, introspective and hopeful take on modernity, romanticism and the highs and lows of being young in today’s world. In 2022 Caroline shared her debut album, ‘Oddities and Prodigies’, and has continued to capture the attention of fans and tastemakers with follow up singles like ‘Chopstix’ and ‘Me After September.’

Have a listen to their collaborative track below…

DeShaunJay Drops Second Album ‘Phone Call 4’ Filled With Love & Lust

‘Phone Calls 4’ is packed with 12 new songs that show a different side of slick rapper DESHAUNJAY when comparing this new release to his last album, ‘Pinky’s Boy’. Both projects are filled with solid song structure and verses that are mixed well with the chosen production for each track, but there is one key difference between both albums.

“Pinky’s Boy was my first actual rap album so I wanted to make a statement as far as my ability to adapt to different types of beats as well as my ability to rap in general” says Jay when speaking on the comparison of the projects.

In his own mind, the San Antonio native is taking somewhat of a gamble releasing an album that isn’t what his fans are used to hearing from him, and releasing no single before the drop made it even clearer that the artist was ready to take a huge leap with ‘Phone Calls 4’. DeShaunJay finds himself in the midst of late night hook ups and potential relationships as he speaks on those topics with verses like “Pull up to the spot/bullin with the squad just wasn’t expecting your presence/couldn’t run from it/didn’t need your number I knew how to send you a message/RnB name/coke bottle frame/and plus she had Mya’s complexion” on third track, ‘Only’. His tenth effort ‘Outside’, has Jay somewhat infatuated with a female as he is ready to switch things up and drop everything for her, including any side pieces.

DeShaunJay enlists help from producers Trevv, Vovo, NoSalez, Dionso, Kyduh, Ricci, Havio Beats, and PK, with a lone feature from D’Shaun as he provides his talents with the hook on ‘Switch’. ‘Phone Calls 4’ is a ride filled with emotions, love and lust, with each song sharing a different insight into Jay’s recent roller-coaster of a love life. It’s time to check out the album plus the blog’s songs recommendations below…

Must Listens: Fallin, 1-10, Clueless, KO, Rush

Song of the Day: I Will Praise Thy Name – Michael Upshaw (ft. LeJuene Thompson)

Singer-songwriter, producer and record label owner, MICHAEL UPSHAW was inspired by God in the writing of the new single, ‘I Will Praise Thy Name’, released now on all digital platforms.

After writing this powerful praise and worship song from the scripture Isaiah 25:1, Michael reached out to his friend and church member and keyboardist, Austin Woodlin to work with him on the producing side. Austin is one of the most sought after multi talented musicians in Philadelphia PA. and surrounding area.

After completing the production, Michael knew immediately the song needed to be ministered by someone who understood praise and worship, but more importantly, the Word of God. He was blessed to be introduced to LeJuene Thompson, who is a prominent figure in the gospel community worldwide, and her ministry includes singing with a variety of renowned artists including Donald Lawrence, John P. Kee,  Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, Twinkie Clark, Karen Clark Sheard, Micah Stampley and many more. 

Michael Upshaw founded his record label MiParis Music back in 2011. One of Michael’s notable highlights is charting at number 1 on the DRT National Airplay Top 50 Gospel Chart in 2015 with his single, ‘He’ll Bring Us Through,’ produced by Grammy-nominated producer Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis.

Michael has taken the back seat as a writer and co-producer on the latest release , ‘I Will Praise Thy Name,’ as LeJuene Thompson delivers this powerful praise about who God is and what he has done and continues to do. You will be blessed!

‘I Will Praise Thy Name’ is now available on Apple MusicSpotify and Amazon Music

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Song of the Day: Jersey Luv – Groovy (ft. B Jack$)

New Jersey artist GROOVY‘s single ‘jersey luv’, is an exhilarating R&B/Jersey Club fusion that is fitting for both late nights with your lover and late nights on the dance floor. Inspired by his New Jersey roots and the Jersey club global phenomenon, the single pays homage to the genre while incorporating staple Y2K R&B elements that allow Groovy to share his most intimate desires. Opening with a lustrous and laid back R&B melody, Groovy’s sultry vocals narrate the inner workings of his mind over the seductive production brought to life by producer Alejandro. The track then crescendos into a fully charged Jersey Club experience fuelled by staple steely triplet kick-drums and exuberant vocal chops, as fellow NJ artist B Jack$’ intoxicating freestyle verses take centre stage. The juxtaposing elements invite you to embrace the euphoric tension created between the two sonic atmospheres, as Groovy proves his ability to conceptualize a track that lives up to his name.

The single is accompanied by an official music video shot in Newark, NJ – a sentiment to Jersey Club as Newark is the birthplace of the movement and genre itself. Directed by Chris Andrade, viewers travel from a front row seat at a sumptuous fashion show to the exclusive backstage afterparty where everyone is seen doing what they do best when the Jersey Club beat drops. Every role necessary in bringing this vision to life was filled by New Jersey talent; this release is a special homegrown recipe and inspiration for all proud New Jerseyans, as their creative abilities are showcased for the world to see.

When asked what inspires his artistic endeavors, GROOVY explained, “My dad was a touring House DJ growing up, which allowed me to experience a unique cultural appreciation for the genre. Artists from around the world would come together to collaborate at my childhood home; witnessing that free artistic expression at such a young age was really special for me. Jersey has a huge influence on the dance/house genre, which inspired me to create music that is fueled by electricity, expression and liberation, all in my own neo-pop, R&B niche way.”

“jersey luv” follows a string of 2022 singles including groove-inducing ‘Platonic,’ and melancholy summer jam ‘Come Around.’ The traversing musician’s Brooklyn Music Kitchen residency brings fans together on the last Tuesday of every month, as they travel from near and far for his captivating, full-band live performances. Keep an eye out for Groovy as he continues to shine with his eclectic blend of neo-pop, R&B, and house while solidifying himself as one to watch in 2023.

Check out the video for ‘jersey luv below…

Juice Cannon Drops His Album, ‘Marriott Hotels.’

JUICE CANNON‘s latest album ‘Marriot Hotels’ is his first full-length R&B project, adopting warm atmospheric glow inspired by 90s afterhours R&B (as featured in ‘Ghost’ and ‘You’), while tracks ‘P Valley’, Ride 4 Me’ and concluding track, ‘Toxic’ bring on the infectious bass-heavy anthems that’s very fitting for creating those party vibes in the upcoming warms months.

Juice enlisted a pretty decent line-up (Anthiny King, Londa B, 3rd Na’ tree) whose vocal performance further evoke the overall comforting feel from the collection.

‘Marriot Hotels’ is Juice Cannon’s first release since last summer, due to a unfortunate situation beyond his control. After grinding for over a decade, building his name within the underground hip-hop scene in his hometown New York City, and gaining an impressive online presence of over 26 millions streams, Juice Cannon was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, which forced him to take a break.

At the turn of 2023, he bounces right back into the spotlight with a new silky mesmeric sound – a far cry from his previous full-on braggadocious projects.

So, get comfortable and hit the play button on ‘Marriott Hotels’ below…

Must Listens: P Valley, Ghost, Baby Making Music

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