Noa Goes Through The ‘Motions’ With Brand New Single

NOA has spent the last two years creating an incredibly addictive catalogue of songs that the world is just starting to get a taste of. Toronto-born pop/R&B songstress music blends vibrant, catchy melodies with resonant emotional themes — from relationships to female empowerment and self-realization.

Her brand new single, ‘Motions’, is an entrancing modern R&B track the goes through the journey of post-breakup thoughts and how it feels to be single for the first time in a while. Check it out below…

Song of the Day: Raw Smoothie – MH The Verb

2020 is the year that MH THE VERB intends to live a better life. The rapper, producer, DJ, and activist seeks to inspire others to follow suit in the music video for his latest single ‘Raw Smoothie’, shot at LaMaison (a community art & living space) in East Oakland, where MH participated in an artist residency in the summer of 2019.

“I left my boring corporate job on the day I wrote this song… That morning when I quit, I left and got a green smoothie with raw vegetables. It was almost like a metaphor for me trying to live better. This whole album was written as an affirmation for me to change habits and become the best version of myself in 2020. Raw Smoothie signifies a fresh start, a cleanse, a focus on being a better me.” – MH The Verb.

Produced by Buscrates 16 Bit Ensemble, ‘Raw Smoothie’ is from MH’s forthcoming album, ‘Space Ninja’. Due out February 28 via ArtHouse95/FourFingerDistro, the album will serve as the third installment in the Afronaut saga, a conceptual multimedia series based on a Black sci-fi heroine from the future who travels back in time to inspire the world.

Check out the video for ‘Raw Smoothie’ below…

Romysa Drops Debut Solo Single, ‘Missin Out’

With unique vocals described as ‘candy-coated pop’ with an undeniable edge of R&B,  ROMYSA slammed down her brand new pop single, ‘Missin Out’  last Friday (7th February).

The Amsterdam upcoming urban songstress’ musical background has been very niche, having previously released records in the Electronic Dance Music Scene, which led her to work with dance heavyweights like DJ Afrojack. Since then Romysa has been travelling around the world to collaborate with various renowned DJ’s. Last year, Romysa decided to focus on her solo music career which brought her to a new team that believed in pushing her project internationally. Since then Los Angeles has pretty much become her second home, as she develops her artistry in the city of angels. Her new musical offerings pay homage to her EDM musical grounding but also delivers across the pop and RnB spectrum, and more, to produce a whole new fresh sound. She says herself her new sound is “a kind of rhythmic pop that explores the genres of modern R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop”

Romysa in video clip for single, ‘Missin’ Out’.

The latest release is her first single as a solo artist. She says of her debut offering: “’Missin Out’ is a type of record you’d play to boost your self-esteem while moving on from a break-up. It has a catchy melodic vibe and sing-able chorus to it. It’s pretty much a song about all the f**k boys that missed out on me!”

It’s very clear that no one messes with Romysa! Check out the video for single below…

Song of the Day: Murphy’s Law – Chersea

On surface, CHERSEA‘s debut single, Murphy’s Law’ may be full of pop blissfulness, but don’t get caught up in the hypnotic arrangements: scratch that surface a little deeper and you’re presented with a rather powerful message that make us step back for a minute and reevaluate our thoughts…

The Canadian singer/songwriter aims to serve as the voice of victim liberation. Through the three-minute production, she also urges us to reach out and try to understand those who have experienced similar traumas, in order to restore faith and provide a fresh perspective in the system of victim support.

CHERSEA is set to release her debut LP on Fierce Panda Panada later in 2018…but for now, listen to ‘Murphy’s Law’.​

Song of the Day: Gwen Stefani – Alex Bent + The Emptiness

ALEX BENT + THE EMPTINESS takes control of today’s hotspot with a stunningly echoic guitar-led single, which somehow takes inspiration from No Doubt singer, Gwen Stefani.

Featuring guest vocals from Jack Larsen (Kevin Abstract collaborator), the Connor Barkhouse/ Riley Deacon/Alex Bent-produced slammer is all about starting all over again and embracing new beginnings.

‘Gwen Stefani’ is the third single from the EP ‘Vanilla Blue’, which is out tomorrow. With a full-length album to follow in 2019, ‘Vanilla Blue’ gives insight into my Alex’s new musical direction…so make sure you look out for the EP tomorrow!

For now, kick back to ‘Gwen Stefani’…