Song of the Day: Mind Your Own Business – Lex Leosis

LEX LEOSIS‘ latest track, ‘Mind Your Own Business’ is for every person who has been frustrated by someone else trying to rush their process.

The Canadian rapper offer more insight into the Rainer + Grimm-produced track: “After three years spent with The Sorority (hip-hop group) and working on my sound, I was getting tired of people on me about my whereabouts and future plans. All that energy kinda exploded on to this track. Artists should work and create at their own pace. Sometimes art is made quickly, sometimes it’s a long and painful process. Artists are humans first and we go through things like everyone else.”

Using bouzouki (a Greek string instrument) as the main feature of the track, ‘Mind Your Own Business’ is the last piece from Lex’s upcoming new album.

Check it out below…

Lil Sago Drops Video For Track, ‘Taught Him A Lesson’

As regional rappers rise up through the barracks of UK music, LIL SAGO is the first to make his debut from the most northern city in England, Carlisle. Teaming up with Risky Roadz for the video release, ‘Taught Him A Lesson’ comes with a burly trap beat and a straight-talking northern accent that is set to shift the spotlight on to the previously untapped scene.

Growing up through the Channel U era and taking inspiration from the raw, vibrant D.I.Y music scene, Lil Sago tucked himself away in the forgotten corners of the north west and invented himself as a bedroom musician. Self-taught through experience and his careful analysis of his favorite musicians, he soon learnt to rap and produce his own records, gaining confidence along the way. Breaking away from the typical career avenues around him, Lil Sago has battled a number of obstacles and negativities to remain focused on his craft. ‘Taught Him A Lesson’ is an ode to the negativity and a reminder that his own passion and progress is paying off.

Building his own repertoire and learning how to self-release, Lil Sago has previously dropped ‘Homer’ with Manchester producer BeatsByAce, self-produced ‘Drippin’ and a seven-track album ‘Real Talk’, an intermixture of Hip Hop, Grime, Trap and Drill. A huge fan and contributor to the scene, he regularly hosts and performs across the county of Cumbria where he’s not only gained a loyal following but also helped build a thriving live scene.

A pioneer of British Black Music from one of the farthest corners of the country, it’s time to keep watch on Lil Sago as he teaches us all a lesson…

Song of the Day: Be Great – Loladre (ft. Pope)

Laura Dreyfuss – aka LOLADRE – has brought her very intoxicating fusion of indie pop and electro debut single into today’s spotlight, entitled ‘Be Great’, featuring the alluring vocals from Pope.

Dreyfuss is also a Grammy Award-winning actress, who is best known for her role in Glee and as a Broadway actress in Dear Evan Hansen.

Co-produced by James Adam Shelley from American Authors, ‘Be Great’ is destined to be a summer anthem and will, no doubt, add some serious credibility to her impressive CV. Check it out below:

New Track: Hate – Nicki Knightz

East London rapper NICKI KNIGHTZ drops lead single,  ‘HATE’, coming from her forthcoming, debut project of the same name.

Setting the tone for the forthcoming project, ‘HATE’ boasts a braggadocious bass, where the newcomer vents some home truths in what has happened in the past, and how it made her a stronger person.

‘HATE’ can be described as an anthem for every ‘misfit’ who has received hate for being different, for having a voice and, most importantly, having the courage to stand up for themselves.

So if this is the story of your life, well this bad boy production will sit very well in your collection…check it out…

New Track: Mismatch – The DayDreamers

Hip-hop trio THE DAYDREAMERS rock up with a message for the dreamers and non-believers through the second track of the year, ‘Mismatch.’

Since the turn of 2018, these Virginia natives have released an EP (Meanwhile: The EP), a full-mixtape (3 Eleven) and a single (TBH?) all boasting their newfound, mature musical style…check them out sometime.

Before you head off, why not check out their fire track, released over the weekend.