Charles On TV Releases Soul-Searching Single, ‘Quarter Century.’

New York City’s artist CHARLES ON TV gets vulnerable in his groovy, indie-pop/disco single ‘Quarter Century.’ Filled with colourful, impressionistic and soulful instrumentation, the single documents the rising artist’s internal dialogue as a quarter life crisis washes over him in waves.

On the inspiration behind the single, Charles On TV explains, “I’m sure many people can relate to the idea that sometimes, we wish we could go back and do it all over again. For me, I think about how I should have come out earlier, chose my friends more wisely, and maybe even approached my music career differently. I have been stuck in an unhealthy cycle of comparing myself to others; Instead of being encouraged by my achievements, I’ve been feeling discouraged by what I haven’t achieved. This song is the devil and angel on your shoulder, one telling you to give up and one telling you to never stop believing in your dreams.”

The single is accompanied by a stunning official video shot in Los Angeles and directed by Dylan Siegel, where Charles On TV traverse across vast landscapes, alone and on a mission to deepen his understanding of what his future has in store. These remarkable, desolate nature shots almost feel symbolic of a monk’s retreat, as he dances his way through an infinite universe searching for existential answers.

Charles On TV’s fans pour in from all over the city for his one-of-a-kind live performances, taking the stage at iconic NYC venues including the Bowery Electric, Union Pool (where he performed his debut headlining show), and Knitting Factory. An incredibly intuitive, introspective artist, Charles On TV has created a streamline of tunes with the natural ability to cross oceans and decades, and is sure to make a lasting mark on the world of music for years to come. Check out the video for ‘Quarter Century’ below…

OneDa Teams Up With Mr Scruff For Double A-Side Single ‘Warrior’s Daughter / Rollin’

Manchester MC and vibes queen ONEDA collaborates with Mr Scruff to drop a new double A-Side on Heavenly Recordings. ‘Warrior’s Daughter’ / ‘Rollin’ is the latest release from Ms Manny On The Rise.

‘Warrior’s Daughter’ is built on the feeling of needing to go out and move to music – and to dance the fear away. “That’s me,” says OneDa, who grew up in Hulme and Gorton and who started out in the church her family ran. “I’m a warrior’s daughter. I’m strong, I’m not going to be fearful.” The track took on new meaning after her father died at the end of last year, which also involved spending time in Nigeria for the funeral. “When I think about being a warrior I think about my ancestors. I come from warrior blood. I’m not letting anything get me down.” Producer Mr Scruff explained that the tune was inspired by Johnny Kalsi’s dhol playing. “It is like a rowdy, unstoppable march, rolling forward in a spirit of rude celebration. I hope this tune does justice as a fitting tribute to OneDa’s father.”

‘Rollin’ is a big beast with stripped back beats n bass grounding OneDa’s high energy flow, which gained airplay on BBC Introducing. “I loved writing it with OneDa,” said Factory Floor’s Gabe Gurnsey. “The vibe was there immediately. I wanted a foundation of pure danceable rhythm and simplicity coupled with a killer lead vocal hook and rap, which OneDa delivered, no messing about.” The tracks follow ‘Vibes’ and ‘Busta’ which came out on Heavenly last year. Last year OneDa also featured on D’n’B stormer ‘Ballin’ with Vibe Chemistry, picking up 20 million plays on Spotify.

The Rude Girl Soundsystem – “big energy, big vibes, mad energetic” – is her all-new live show. It features OneDa with one of her DJs (Stylie, Jazzy Lioness or Presh) playing hip hop, drum n bass, breakbeats and afrobeats, with Stylie coming out from behind the decks to pick up the mic and go b2b. When she supported KRS1 at the Blues Kitchen last November the show included their own freestyled tribute to his 1980s classic MCs Act Like They Don’t Know. The two artists chatted after the show – “a sick experience”.

OneDa has recently taken over a weekly drivetime show on Unity Radio, playing the music that moves her. “It’s me just spreading my good vibes, really, pussy power”. The show includes a 45 minute ‘On The Rise’ section championing up and coming artists. OneDa’s also running Herchester, which is a project for women, non-binary and trans hip hop artists, aimed at uplifting young female and non-binary DJs and Producers.

Delivering on the music and the positive vibes – that’s OneDa…check her out below…

OUT TODAY: Listen To Thyra Hilden’s EP, ‘Lucid Dreampop’

THYRA HILDEN’s new, EP ‘Lucid Dreampop’, features five tracks of dreamy pedal steel and saturated bass, leaving you in a sensual trance, feeling like slowly passing through a mirror. The lyrics are Nordic existentialism, mapping out the land between passionate love and insanity, in a humorous way.

An internationally recognised visual artist, Danish-born Thyra Hilden has been regularly interviewed by the BBC, CNN, EURONEWS and more. In 2021, she debuted as a musician and quickly gained attention for her existential POP in both radio and press. Thyra’s songs are full of dreamy Nordic melancholy in both lyrics and vocals. She has an airy voice and deliberately understated style. There are only a few artists who make existential pop and Thyra is central to this small niche. Most POP is about him, her and couple issues, whereas Thyra’s lyrical universe with humorous metal layers delves into illusion, confusion and paradoxes of what is real.

Have a listen to Thyra’s stunning collection below…

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Danny Kuttner Shares Alt-Soul Single, ‘Chasing Myself’ + Announces New EP.

Tel Aviv based artist DANNY KUTTNER shares new single ‘Chasing Myself’, alongside announcing her brand new EP ‘Purple’ to be released via Kartel Music Group.

Born in Amsterdam and raised in Israel, Danny steps into the spotlight with a smooth and soulful track influenced by ECM’s contemporary jazz and 90s neo-soul, all whilst blending laid-back organic tones with left-field electronic production. ‘Chasing Myself’ sees Danny Kuttner talking about very raw and intimate life situations whilst her self-production has beautifully captured the deep meanings behind her lyrics. Combining a variety of synths and live instruments such as trumpets, classic guitar and bass, this track not only shows off her talent but also her attention to detail beyond the recording process.

Talking about the track Danny explains: “Chasing Myself was written when I was in a loving relationship and knowing how important it is to have my time alone. There was a point where I lost myself and got a harsh mirror, and I wanted to write about that experience.

I feel there are so many love songs, where I wanted to create a song about a different side of loving someone. About being alone inside of a relationship, bringing myself time of nourishments and self love. It brought me back the ability to truly give love to somebody else”

Danny Kuttner’s new single ‘Chasing Myself’ is out now alongside its music video and is taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Purple’. Watch the video for ‘Chasing Myself’ below…

Experimental Rapper OG Spliff Drops Tracks, ‘son of toga’ & ‘building’.

North Carolina’s old-school hip-hop revivalist OG SPLIFF has recently released a two-pack single offering, consisting of self-reflective tirade ‘son of toga’ and its restorative, complement, ‘building.’

The poet-turned-rapper’s introspective delivery has a nonchalant swing to it, as his syrupy bars effortlessly marry the soulful, sample driven instrumentals produced by Argov. Largely inspired by the black experience and the dialogue between himself and the man in the mirror, ‘son of toga’ sees the rising artist acknowledge his toxic traits, wanting to change but not ready to commit, while ‘building’ sees him come to terms with the reality that he will have to live with his scars, searching for a way to move forward.

OG Spliff’s life has always been steeped in a variety of musical influences. He explains, “My pops was a DJ growing up, which fostered my love for music, especially house music. He opened my world to all sorts of sounds. Some of my earliest music memories with him are from our trips to the local hood gas station, where we’d go buy rap CDs from the bootleg man, ranging from East Coast rappers Fat Joe and Wu-Tang Clan, to West Coast staples, like N.W.A. and Snoop Dogg.”

“son of toga” and “building” are a testament to OG Spliff’s ability to curate a sound uniquely his own, one that is sure to have listeners captivated from the first listen. The rising artist has built his artistry from the ground up; he has opened for MAVI, Lil Durk and Yella Beezy in the past, was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Hip-Hop, and has accumulated an impressive 2M+ streams on the platform along the way. There is no denying that OG Spliff has solidified himself as one to watch as he continues his run of self-reflective, experimental hip-hop. Have a listen to both singles below…