Isa Reyes Goes On A Journey Of Self-Growth With Debut EP, ‘Bels’

Led by last autumn’s ‘Whistles’ that helped her reach over half a million streams on Spotify, and her new single ‘Santiago’, which has been met with rave reviews and is being championed by KALTBLUT Magazine, Impose Magazine, IGGY Magazine and Ones To Watch, among others, to build on the recent support she has received from the likes of NPR, SXSW, RFB Magazine, and New York Foundation for the Arts, 22-year old New York City multimedia artist and songwriter ISA REYES unveils her long-awaited debut EP titled BELS.

Written and recorded by Isa Reyes, and co-produced by Gamal Abdu (Nyck Caution, Thutmose, Alex Mali) and Caine Casket, who comes backed by Complex, Office Magazine and Lyrical Lemonade, among others, with Reyes also collaborating with Julian Kaufman and Layla Ku from NYC collective MICHELLE on ‘Black Velvet’, the third song on the project, the 4-track BELS EP is music that connects, heals and empowers, driven by Isa Reyes’ enchanting vocals, atmospheric compositions, compelling songwriting, and alternative R&B / indie-pop sensibilities.

The record opens up with the intimate title track ‘Bels’, which is led by contrasting soft guitar arrangements and samba drums patterns, and sees Isa attempting to make peace with her childhood. The EP then flows into the hip-hop influenced ‘Whistles’, where Isa takes a self-reflective and appreciative look at the struggles on her journey so far, and the sassy sultry R&B ballad ‘Black Velvet’, over which she tries to reclaim her self-worth in a relationship, before culminating in the gripping pop-folk ballad ‘Santiago’, which serves to inspire others to navigate their path freely, and as a reminder to Isa that she still has so much more to offer to the world.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her BELS EP, Isa Reyes says, “Thematically, ‘BELS’ takes you on a journey of vulnerability, nostalgia, love, belonging, grief, depression, heritage, generational trauma, and coming to terms with the past. Each song is like a location and time in my life that I’m reflecting on or paying homage to. It is also an embodiment of processing for me. ‘BELS’ is the culmination of that journey, one that we are all on, one of the processes of self-growth and acceptance. For me, each track is a step into that process”.

Check out Isa’s Soothing EP below…

Alt-Pop Artist Cyprss Tackles Body Positivity In Latest Single, ‘The House I Hate’

CYPRSS‘ new single addresses her struggles with self-confidence and body positivity. 2020 sparked a conversation about mental health, and within that, the way we see our bodies. ‘A House I Hate’ tackles this issue head on, using the image of a house to represent her body. Sonically, the song is inspired by Billie Eilish’s eerie dark pop sound and contains a hip-hop inspired groove.

‘A House I Hate’ identifies the things CYPRSS wishes she could change about her physical being while also expressing a desperation to accept herself. After the second chorus, there is a an “ear-wrenching explosion of synthesizer sounds” that CYPRSS says “resembles the intense energy of animosity I felt towards my body when writing this song”.

Cyprss says: “My favorite thing about this song is that, though it is honest about the pain of self-hatred, it doesn’t end there. As I’ve been working the steps of recovery in my own life, it has changed my perspective of myself. Am I always super confident and never struggle now? No. But I’m learning to silence the negative voices in my head and give power to the healthy ones.”

‘A House I Hate’ ends with the thought that perhaps healing doesn’t come from covering up or changing our bodies, but rather from changing the way we see ourselves.

CYPRSS has always been an advocate for mental health through her music. Her signature song ‘Underworld’ dives into a place of “ice-cold terror”, describing the experience of someone in the midst of deep depression and anxiety.

The name CYPRSS is inspired by the strength and resilience of cypress trees which can grow and thrive in very harsh environments.

Why not check out ‘A House I Hate’ below…

Song of the Day: Love Self – Natty Boi Zoe x Dice Cannon

There are times in our lives where we are our own worst enemy and we proverbially kick ourselves for not being where we would like to be in life.

Well NATTY BOI ZOE rolls up with DICE CANNON, bringing something valuable to counteract self-hate in second release of this year, ‘Love Self’…check it out below.

Next time you ever feel down on yourself, just remember this smooth banger’s core message: love self is true wealth.

Peter Katz Promotes Self-Love With Brand New Single, ‘I Will Never Leave You’

When Canadian singer/songwriter PETER KATZ  first penned his single, ‘I Will Never Leave You’, alongside Grammy-Award winning writer and producer Rich Jacques, he thought it was for someone else. However, further along the process, it became very clear that the person he was writing for was himself.

Katz explains further of his new single: “Oftentimes the first person we sacrifice is ourselves, which ultimately means we can’t be of service to anybody. I’ve certainly been guilty of this at times. The whole writing experience had me so far out of my comfort zone that I felt like I wasn’t confined to any rules of what a Peter Katz song is supposed to sound like.”

Through ‘I Will Never Leave You’ Peter hopes to spread the lesson of self love to others. Have a listen below…

EP Review: Probably Crying – Girl Wilde

When I first hit the play button on GIRL WILDE‘s latest EP, ‘Probably Crying’, I wasn’t only instantly hit by the explosive combo of electro pop and 90’s inspired grunge rock, but her alluring vocals that could rival the likes of Gwen Stefani.

Don’t get caught up in the fluffy frills with a slight rebellious streak, if you’re planning to listen to this EP. Beyond the fun-packed arrangements, the LA artist bravely taps into her vulnerability and covers personal and deep-rooted subjects such as depression (in ‘I Don’t Wanna Die,’ ‘Probably Crying’), female sexual desire (‘WeT’), and anger management (‘BATSHiT’).

Although the above subjects are often swept under the carpet, the message in this EP is clear and simple: it’s OK to experience those feelings, so embrace them!

‘Probably Crying’ is one pretty neat package – why not check it out below…

Must Listens: Probably Crying, Killing Time